Do you want your tender process to be optimized? Our experts can advise and help you with various challenges you may face in tendering.

Or, in case you find tendering a difficult or tedious process, we can also completely manage your tenders. This way you are sure your requirements are met while saving time and money.

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Realistic tendering for the best carrier performance

Due to our transport DNA, we know what a carrier has to deal with while delivering your goods. We have up to date market knowledge and almost 100 years of transport experience in-house.

This way, we are fully aware of the challenges carriers face because of unrealistic tendering and the consecutive impact on you as a shipper. Therefore, we tender in such a way it delivers the best result for you as a shipper while maintaining a good deal for your carriers.

Experience for your best tender result

With 12 year SmartWay Logistics, experts on all different modalities and several large shippers as customers, there is a lot of in-house expertise in logistics and tendering. Therefore, we know what information is essential and how to manage the tender process. Our carrier management team has a broad network and up to date database of carriers. This way, we deliver the most suitable carriers for your transport orders.

Co-development of tender software

We co-develop the software we use in tendering, this way you are certain we always use the most up to date tender tools. It’s flexible and we are experts in setting up tenders and analysing the tender process.

How we Manage Your Tenders

Together with you, our team of specialists gather data for a complete shipment profile. From here we create tender documentation with all associated requirements such as rate validity, transit times and transport type. This is the basis for a tender. 

Then,we make a selection of carriers. Therefore, we take your preferred carriers and add carriers from our carrier database who meet the standards and include them in the tender process. Our tender software supports the administrative process, invitations, and performs the basic analytical reports in order to guarantee a smooth process within a predefined time frame.


In Control

You determine our involvement in the entire process. For example, we only support with the administrative part or also negotiate with carriers and analyse different scenarios. At the end of the tender, you make the final decision about the awarded lanes and, or carriers. This way you stay in control. 

We provide both small regional and full European tenders for different modalities.

Our Services

Tendering is an integrated part of the control tower functionality of SmartWay Logistics. With our in-house experts, we can advise you on a consultancy basis or coordinate the carrier process on your behalf.