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SmartWay: The Most Flexible Slotbooking System

As a shipper you are constantly busy ensuring that loads are received efficiently at your sites, and seeing to it that they reach their intended destination with no mistakes or problems. Avoiding disruption and inefficiency such as an inefficient schedule, high stock levels and waiting hours for drivers.

That is why we developed our slotbooking system: SmartWay. With this system you can plan efficiently and you always have direct insight into carriers' arrival times.

Thanks to our hands-on transport mentality and experience as a 4PL provider, we are capable of tailoring the system to meet your wishes quickly and flexibly.

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For more information, you can download the leaflet or give us a call (+31(0)30 - 82 00 800) and one of our experts will answer your question.

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How can Slotbooking System Smartway help you?

Insight Into Your Transport Flows at a Glance

With SmartWay you have visibility on arrival times of trucks and you can...

  • schedule your resources efficiently
  • reduce your stock levels
  • prevent overcrowded parking areas
    (with associated safety risks and the cost of waiting time)
  • keep your customer contented with a high level of scheduling reliability


Quick and Easy to Adapt to All Your Wishes

Thanks to our experience and transport mentality, SmartWay is a unique system with which...

  • carriers and sites are easy to add
  • schedules can be set up easily
  • slots can easily be rescheduled
  • screens can be adapted to meet your specific wishes
  • customs activities are supported, such as uploading customs documents
  • it is always possible to link to other systems
  • Health & Safety issues can be registered and reported


Real-time, Clearly Presented Reports

Our reports are unique due to...

  • direct insight into use of your docks
  • the possibilities for analysing fluctuations in volume
  • direct overview of efficiency of use of slots
  • clear information about the performance of the carriers
  • a detailed summary of performance per site


Advantages of SmartWay For Your Carrier

  • Rides are easy to book (the booking is made in just 3 clicks)
  • Direct access to your own booking via reference number
  • Validation of transit time between loading and unloading slot
  • Pre-booked slot time comes free 1 hour before the cut off time
  • In case of calamity the assistant together with your carrier can always look for a suitable solution
  • Return loads can be booked automatically in a connecting slot

Download the leaflet for more information or give us a call.

Smartway Slotbooking leaflet.pdf

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