Carrier Selection

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Our TMS Selects the Most Suitable Carrier

As a neutral party, we are always looking for the most suitable carrier based on modality, service, lane, price and performance levels. Our TMS contains a database of over 900 carriers, of which 250 carriers are active (minimal 1 transport per week). Based on specific order requirements, our TMS selects the most suitable carrier for your load.



Our carrier database is constantly updated by our Carrier Management team. To expand our carrier network we are actively approaching new carriers offering services for road, parcel, intermodal, shortsea, deepsea and air shipments. New developments in technology are closely monitored and trialed before implementing, for example zero-emission trucks and LHV vehicles. 

Contract Management

The agreed rates, capacity commitments, service levels, liabilities are formalized in a contract or service level agreement. The agreements are setup in the masterdata of our TMS and periodically reviewed by Carrier Management.

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