Carrier Selection

Stay in budget and on-time.

Meet your performance levels.

Be in control.

Stay in budget & on-time. Meet your performance levels. Be in control.

Carrier Selection

You want your goods moved from A to B on time, in budget and conform some other constraints. To have your goods shipped according to these constraints you need enough quality carrier capacity.

The transport market is a market with thousands of carriers, suited for specific industries and operating regions, with different performing scores and prices. Therefore it isn't the most transparent market and it can be truly challenging to find the carriers matching your needs.  

Thanks to our hands-on transport mentality and experience as a 4PL provider, we are capable of selecting the carriers to your requirements in a short period of time.


Carrier Selection

The best carrier for your transport

As a 4PL service provider, we are a neutral party. Therefore, we always match you with the most suitable carrier based on modality, service, lane, price and performance levels. 

The SmartWay TMS contains a database of over 3 thousand carriers, of which 270 are active for at least one transport per week. Our TMS selects the most suitable carrier for your load based on specific order requirements.

Growing & up-to-date carrier database

Our Carrier Management team constantly updates the SmartWay carrier database. 

We are actively approaching new carriers offering services for road, parcel, inter-modal, short-sea, deep-sea and air shipments to expand our carrier network. 

New technological developments are closely monitored and trialled before implementing, for example, zero-emission trucks and LHV vehicles. 

Icon carriers and multi transport modes

We work with over 3 thousand carriers

Contract management for solid performance

A contract or service level agreement formalises the agreed rates, capacity commitments, service levels, and liabilities. 

These agreements are set up in the master data of our TMS and periodically reviewed by the Carrier Management team.


Do you want the best carriers?

Are you in need of new carriers for your situation? Our experts are ready to match the best suitable carriers.

Give us a call (+31(0)30 - 82 00 800) and learn more about SmartWay Logistics services, pricing, implementation and more.


How do you source carriers?

Over the years, we have built a solid database with quality carriers. 

We use the following sources:

  1. Previous tenders

  2. Internal database

  3. Direct access to the European market via our carrier team

  4. Sourcing new carriers

  5. Existing relations with (non-) used carriers

  6. Input from our customers

Why do you need carrier management?

SmartWay Logistics brings you a strong and dedicated carrier management team.

Benefits include:

  • Cost negotiations

  • Improved service quality

  • Direct access to the European market

  • Sourcing new carriers

  • Capacity planning

  • Risk management

Our services

Carrier Selection is an integrated part of the control tower functionality of SmartWay Logistics. With our in-house experts, we can advise you on a consultancy basis or coordinate the carrier process on your behalf.