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Supply Chain Optimization

Our team of transportation and logistics experts can help design and optimize your supply chain. Not sure where the problem is? Let us dive into the details, gain insight into your supply chain, plan changes and reduce inefficiencies to ensure your competitive advantage. Our IT driven processes will help you understand the key drivers in transforming your supply chain from good to great.

In a test environment of our TMS we replicate the current transport movements within your supply chain. We analyse numerous alternative scenarios by adjusting as many of the 244 different parameters as we would like. We can provide answers to many of your logistics questions, such as:

  • What if we change the equipment we use?
  • What if we deliver our LTL orders 3 times a week instead of 5 times a week?
  • What if we combine LTL orders of multiple addresses that are located within a certain area? What would be the ideal range to cluster orders?
  • What if we combine FTL movements of different locations and create roundtrips?
  • What if we use a different modality?

The answers will be provided by using the following outputs: CO2 emission, lead time, total freight spend, total driven kilometers, fill rate of used equipment, number of empty driven kilometers.

The preferred scenario we will implement for you in the daily operation and monitor the outcome in the first couple of weeks.

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