Transportation Management

On behalf of our customers, we manage of full or partial shipments across Europe selecting the best mode of transport. Providing an operational single point of contact who collaborates with customers creates continuity and increases overall satisfaction. Our non-asset, carrier neutral status means that we can select and negotiate the best rate and service combinations with a large network of carriers that are reliable yet flexible. Our state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS) automates work that was previously done manually while providing a communication platform for clients and suppliers.

Consulting Services


Our team of transportation and logistics experts can help design and optimize your supply chain. Not sure where the problem is? Let us dive into the details, gain insight into your supply chain, plan changes and reduce inefficiencies to ensure your competitive advantage. Our IT driven processes will help you understand the key drivers in transforming your supply chain from good to great.


Building and maintaining relationships with trusted suppliers is one of our strengths. We are only as good as our transport providers, therefore treating each carrier with dignity and respect is foremost. Our network of carriers is ready to provide unmatched service giving you peace of mind that your shipments will be handled with care

Utilizing our knowledge of market rates, we analyze and benchmark your shipment and rate data to determine if you're minimizing your transportation spend. Our Web-enabled procurement technology, exclusively designed for transportation bidding, allows for end-to-end bid management while alleviating the labor-intensive process for customers. The tool enables shippers and carriers to collaborate on lanes that are complementary in their networks. Bids are by invitation only, so customers are assured of qualified bidders. Once you select the optimum configuration, SmartWay Logistics procurement experts can provide support in formalizing the contracts.

Logistics Administration

Claims Handling

Every shipper expects their goods to be delivered without incident, but the reality of the transportation industry is that exceptions do happen. Managing those exceptions, or freight damage claims, can be time consuming. SmartWay Logistics' professionals use processes which enable them to handle claims quickly and accurately, reducing the time transport claims are resolved.

Self Billing

Our goal is to pay our transport providers quickly as well as reduce the administrative time spent on billing. The self billing process starts by sending the carrier a credit note detailing the work they have completed including the agreed upon rates. The transport provider double checks the credit note, and if all of the information is correct, we pay them for the work done. It is that simple!


Our Clients

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